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t-shirt printing

T-shirt printing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. With a cool t-shirt with lettering, you can create a promotional item that will promote your business for a long time.

T-shirt printing
at BOOM Studio

Printing a custom T-shirt always starts with designing the graphics. Luckily, we’re a one-stop shop, so everything from coming up with the idea to printing the t-shirt is done in-house. Whatever the pattern, colour or style, our design team will help you find the perfect direction to ensure your corporate t-shirts are not only high quality, but also eye-catching. Every T-shirt is printed using a process that will ensure it retains its quality for years to come.

Why is T-shirt printing
recommended ?

T-shirt printing is extremely beneficial if you have a limited marketing budget or want a marketing tool that provides a great return on investment. You can personalise your t-shirts in any way you like. Whether you want to put your company logo in the top right corner or your business name in the middle – the sky’s the limit! The overall function of the t-shirt can be determined by the design. You can have a t-shirt made for your staff as a uniform, for an event for your hostesses, or even a team building piece with a fun graphic. It creates a strong brand image, improves team spirit and makes your entire staff easily identifiable. Design your own corporate t-shirts and get ahead of your competitors with our help!

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