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The folded leaflet, or leaflet, is one of the most versatile advertising materials, as you don’t have to condense your message into two pages. It prevents you from getting a crowded, opaque flyer. A great solution if you want cost-effective distribution material within a short period of time!

The leporello is one of our most popular advertising materials, thanks to its favorable price. If you have little time at your disposal, for example you need to compile flyers for an event within a few days, then the folded flyer is the most optimal solution. More information and graphic material can be displayed on it compared to a traditional two-page flyer, so it also supports you in not getting an opaque advertising material.

Thanks to the layout of the pages and the folded surface, it also provides an opportunity to implement creative ideas, so each page can have a separate function. With its various surface treatments and folding techniques, we can tailor not only the content, but also the appearance to the image of the company. Success is guaranteed not to be missed!

Advantages of leporello:

Do you want a spectacular and attention-grabbing duster for a business meeting or event?

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