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The tarp is still one of the most popular outdoor advertising tools, as it offers great value for money. It is simple, effective, appeals to the target audience in a matter of moments and can be mounted in a wide range of locations.

Molino and tarp making
at BOOM Studio

At Boom Studio, we make sure that the decor is not only spectacular, but also consistent, because consistency builds trust with potential customers. We know that if your first impression is sloppy, unprofessional or inconsistent, your business can suffer. When making a polo or tarpaulin, we place great emphasis on the quality of the material, which can be either durable fabric mesh (Mesh Mesh) or special PVC. It is weather resistant, so you can display it outdoors almost anywhere and use it to promote your product/service for many years to come. You don’t have to worry about the graphics either, as our skilled team at our factory will also help you to make your chosen banner as eye-catching as possible. You’ll receive it folded back and ready to swing, so once you’ve placed your order, all you need is a few quick-ties to get it where you want it!

Why is the
banner recommended?

A banner with an eye-catching design can help your business get a lot of publicity. It can be mounted in a variety of places, such as on fences, buildings or the sides of facades, to give your business a high profile.

An eye-catching banner gets people talking and generates interest in your product or service. It can help you to make an impact and create something memorable that can reach a much larger audience than you could reach through various online platforms. If you want to promote a message to the masses and attract as many „eyes” as possible to your message, then a banner is the best choice for you!

Our designers will make sure that whatever the decorative element, it follows today’s trends, is eye-catching and conveys professionalism. It is important to us that the decorative elements we create are of the highest quality, tailored to the client’s needs.

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