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Anti-gravel splash film

The anti-gravel impact film provides protection against physical effects on cars. Constantly damaging effects, such as stone chips, car washing, parking damage, or stains left by bird droppings all shorten the life of the paint.

A stone chip on the hood and scratches on the bumper are inevitable even with a new vehicle. Trouble is annoying and most of the time unavoidable. By using the anti-gravel splash film, you can avoid dents and painting accidents caused by stone splashes and parking scratches.

In our studio, we sell high-quality paint protection body film, which we cut to size with the help of a special software for a flawless end result. We can make foil of any color and pattern with the help of our design team. The ideas can only be limited by the customer’s needs!

The advantages of the
anti-gravel splash film:

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